June 24, 2018

M1SysMon: Data Center Monitoring & Management

About M1SysMon

SysMon is a System monitoring tool developed by Mark-One. It is a simple yet very powerful tool to monitor Servers, ports and services. Generate alert system failure of service down.

M1SysMon is very user-friendly monitoring tool for small data centers where automated monitoring is needed. It has also an Add-on feature to monitor temperature and sent alert through mail or SMS.

Temperature of any data center is very crucial. With Add-On feature, SysMon can monitor data center temperature and it can generate alert if the temperature raises beyond threshold.

Features of M1SysMon:

  1. Secure and authentication base
  2. Single dashboard to monitor all required system and services
  3. Audit report for each event
  4. IP and port can be monitored
  5. Auto alert generation through email
  6. SMS alert can also be added
  7. Datacenter temperature can be monitored and auto alert can be generated if temperature go beyond threshold.
  8. Hourly audit report of temperature.