System Integration Solutions & Services

System Integration Solutions & Services:

*Storage & Server Solutions: The purpose of a server is to share data or hardware and software resources among clients. However, designating a machine as “server-class hardware” implies that it is more powerful and reliable than standard personal computers or is specialized for performing the server’s role. Servers may be composed of large clusters of relatively simple, replaceable machines.

Storage & Server Services:

Archiving: M@RK ONE Provides the right tools to ensure data protection throughout their whole lifecycle.

Benefits: Reducing Costs, Optimization of Archiving process, Fast, Efficient, and professional Archiving.

*Data Loss Protection and Security: Averting irreversible or temporary loss of strategic or confidential information is one of the most important business priorities. M@RK ONE expertise in the field of Data Protection helps customers to design solutions for the complete protection of all business information. We can ensure continues operation in business and avoid the risks associated with the loss of data. Prevent critical data to be saved in secure and protected custody and vault like environment for use in disaster state. Backup of data and volume are done following industry standard so that they can be used every time you need them. Impose anti fraud and encrypted security measure to prevent the data theft and misuse to hamper your corporate image. In a market where consumer trust is the heart of the business relationship, control and automatic protection of confidential information are essential.



*Data Availability: “High Availability” is the keyword to implement solutions designed to minimize the interruption of service, ensuring data security and business continuity in case of unexpected shutdown.

M@RK ONE can provide the best solution to reduce down time in case of accidental fault, ensuring data availability even during a disaster.

*Messaging and collaboration: A fast and effective internal communication is the right level to increase business productivity.

M@RK ONE can provide customized solutions for all communication and collaboration needs, improving business performance and external relations.

*Endpoint Protection: Security of terminals (PCs, Tablets, Smartphone’s) is required to ensure effective protection to the corporate network from external treats (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware…) M@RK ONE solutions for endpoint protection reconcile safety needs with the need to limit complexity and management costs.